Basque Owners on Board

In association with CCPU (Confederación de Cámaras de la Propiedad Urbana) and Opengela, UIPI will organise the third event of this series in Vitoria and Bilbao, Spain, on 28 October 2021. This event aims to bring the European Commission’s (EC) climate targets closer to EU citizens, notably basque property owners, by leading locally relevant policy debates and proposing practical solutions building on existing European and local initiatives.

The event will be divided in two sessions. In the morning there will be a policy session that will feature keynote speaker presentations to set the scene and explain to the participants what is expected at EU, national and local levels in terms of regulations and support schemes with an energy-efficiency focus. To steer the discussion around the implications that these might entail for relevant stakeholders, decision-makers, and affected citizens, this morning session will end with a participative round-table discussion, in which invited speakers have the opportunity to exchange their views and expertise, and all event participants (presential and virtual) get to ask questions or make comments. There will also be a practical workshop panel to finish the morning session, in which practical technical solutions will be presented to the public.

The afternoon session will be dedicated to help citizens, property owners, and building managers entail with the changes asked from them. Several demo buildings regarding financial and available assistance to facilitate renovation will be visited by attendees. The workshops will include short presentations or trainings and allow for participants to clear out any doubts they might have by addressing the panelists directly. To end the afternoon session and event, there will be a final feedback session to review provided information, main takes, and comments from all participants.

Registration is now open for online and presential attendance, please make sure to register using the button below. You can also download the programme in the button below as well.

Thursday, October 28, 2021