SuperHomes2030 calls for creating an Observer Community

In the frame of the SuperHomes2030 project, the partners launch a study led by Tipperary Energy Agency, Ireland, which aims to create and develop a Deep Retrofit Community of Practice.

SuperHomes2030 consists of a highly efficient home-retrofitting process combining a range of the most appropriate and cost-effective energy standards and providing a one-stop-shop system. The EU-funded Superhomes2030 project will perform a scalable increase of SuperHomes’ concept in Ireland, resulting in high energy savings. The project will develop four Regional SuperHome One Stop Shops engaging 80 high-performance contractors to provide quality retrofits all over the country. It will also offer homeowners, surveyors, contractors and technical staff capacity building and training as well as attractive finance solutions independent of public finances.

The project will create open-source energy performance data platforms and optimise technical analysis, design systems and solutions. Superhomes2030 will support a Deep Retrofit Community of Practice across Europe to share experience, knowledge and competence.

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