Towards a social green transition

Is it possible to conduct both a social and green transition? More than being possible, it is necessary to consider social criteria in environmental projects if we want to conduct a fair and green transition.

Join Housing Europe on 25 February 2021 for their online event “Towards a social green transition, social economy in time of environmental and climate change challenges” (13h30-15h00 CET) addressing the implementation of a fair and green transition in the housing sector.

You will hear about how social criteria can be considered in the projects supported under the Affordable Housing Initiative and the New European Bauhaus Schemes include in the Renovation Wave. By doing so, these two initiatives can reconcile live ability housing affordability and decarbonisation for a fair and green transition.

Representatives of public, cooperative and social housing providers who have a central role in this mission will lead the discussion. Questions such as “Based on your experience, what features should the supported projects have?”, “What should be the funding streams?”, and “How should the initiatives be governed?” will be addressed.


13:30 – 14:30

Opening – European Commission 

Moderator: Sorcha Edwards, Secretary General at Housing Europe

14:30 – 14:33

Local experience: what features should the support projects have?

  • Aalborg East with B.L. Denmark
  • Project typologies with USH (L’Union Social pour I’Habitat), France
  • Berlin Building and Housing cooperative from 1892 and developer of the Nettelbeckplatz project. Berlin, Germany.

14:33 – 15:20

What should the funding streams be?

Frank Lee, Head of Division – Financial Instruments Advisory, European Investment Bank (EIB). Luxembourg.

15:20 – 15:30

How should the initiatives be governed?

Adrien Hiel, EU Policy & Communications – Energy Cities

15:30 – 15:40

Closing – Joint Research Centre (JRC)


Thursday, February 25, 2021