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Energy Communities under the Clean Energy Package Following the EU's Clean Energy for All Europeans legislative package, EU Member States are currently working on transposing the definitions of Renewable Energy Communities and Citizen Energy...
Building Renovation: a kick-starter for the EU recovery The BPIE has carried out this Study at the request of the Renovate Europe Campaign at a time when the topic of energy renovation seems to be on everyone’s lips. The request was made following the...
Energy efficiency in buildings: greater focus on cost-... Faced with the challenge of mitigating climate change, EU leaders have committed to saving 20 % of the EU Member States’ projected energy consumption by 2020 and 32.5 % by 2030. Improving the energy...
REVALUE Final Report The REVALUE project focused on the drive for greater energy efficiency in the European residential housing stock.
Investment opportunities in deep renovation in Europe Discover the main features of this study produced by BPIE.
ESIF and Energy Performance Contracting This report describes how ESIF financial instruments can help upscale the EPC market.
Overview of on-bill building renovation schemes Energetic renovation plans by invoicing scheme This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 847056.
Link Energy Efficiency and property value Research on link energy efficiency and property value This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 649705.
ManagEnergy Master Class - Module 1 - Speakers and trainers... Module 1 of the Master Classes focuses on Market facilitation and up-take. This document gathers the speakers and trainers presentations made at this occasion.
ManagEnergy Master Class - Module 2 - Speakers and trainers... Module 2 focuses on involving banks and mobilizing private investment. Find here the presentations made at this occasion.
ManagEnergy Master Class - Module 3 - Speakers and trainers... Module 3 of the ManagEnergy Master Classes focuses on Risk analysis & development of Guarantee Schemes.
An Action Plan for The Renovation Wave: Collectively... BPIE developed a set of recommendations aiming at Europe's Building Stock Climate Neutrality by 2050.
ASSIST 2GETHER: Reports on Energy Poverty ASSIST 2GETHER is an EU Project tackling Energy Poverty. Read their reports and get inspired by their approach to Energy Poverty and Home Energy Advisors (HEA) training.
PROSPECT Recommendations-Decision Matrix tool New tool supporting local authorities in selecting the most suitable financing scheme to implement for local sustainable energy and climate project investments!
MED EPC GUIDELINES MED EPC Guidelines, prepared in the STEPPING project, aim to provide step-by-step guidance for the energy retrofitting of public buildings in the MED area through the use of Energy Performance...
The European Environment state and outlook 2020 Read the latest ‘State of the Environment’ report by the European Environment Agency’s (EEA) latest and discover the challenges Europe will have to face to meet it's 2030 target!
Study of building energy renovation activities and the... Comprehensive study of building energy renovation activities and the uptake of nearly zero-energy buildings in the EU.
FINANCING CONDOMINIUM WORKS (In french) Read about renovation's potential for both human and financial investment! This document focuses on France and potentials for financing condominium works!
Accelerating energy renovation investments in buildings At today's renovation rate of around 1% of buildings per year, a timely transition of the EU building sector towards climate-neutral levels by 2050 cannot be ensured.
FINANCING AIR QUALITY PLANS This document is a supporting tool for the main actors at EU, national, regional, and local level to identify, integrate and improve traditional and innovative financing schemes for the...