ManagEnergy Survey

Current activities and services

1. Is your agency currently providing any of the following services to support investments in sustainable energy?

Support to market development ("market facilitation")

Support to specific sustainable energy investment projects (project facilitation and development)

2. How often do you provide these services relating to sustainable energy investments to:

3. How are these services relating to sustainable energy investments financed ("business model" for the services)?

4. Do you have any concrete plans to expand these services and activities in the near future?

Any comment on your current services and activities to support investments in sustainable energy

Areas of interest for the future

5. Provided you could access funding from a programme or collect fees, which services would you be most interested in delivering/expanding

6. How interesting are the following financing instruments for your agency?

Interest in ManagEnergy activities

The new ManagEnergy is an initiative dedicated to regional and local energy agencies with the objectives of assisting them in becoming leaders in the energy transition and of increasing sustainable energy investments in regions and cities.

ManagEnergy provides information, know-how, visibility and networking opportunities and supports local and regional energy agencies in delivering new services or boosting existing ones. This will strengthen their position in their region/city and place them at the forefront of energy investments in Europe.

MasterClass Training Courses

3-day courses in Brussels, delivered by leading energy experts and targeting senior and management level energy agency staff, will support the development of new capacities and offer unique networking opportunities with peers and the EU financing community. For selected agencies, ManagEnergy covers course fees and provides financial support for travel and accommodation.

7. How interested would you or a senior representative of your agency be in participating in such a course?

Do you have any suggestions of topics the MasterClasses should address? Or other ideas in relation to the MasterClasses?

ManagEnergy expert missions

Carefully chosen and well-recognised experts will visit selected energy agencies for 3 days and provide tailor-made support in developing new services to trigger additional energy efficiency investments in their region/city. The selection of the specific expert will be agreed between ManagEnergy and the host agency. These highly customised missions will also include meetings with regional/local stakeholders in the aim of overcoming barriers in relation to sustainable energy investments.

These stakeholders will be selected and invited by the host agency. ManagEnergy will cover all costs for the expert. The host agency is responsible for the meeting facilities and for selecting and inviting stakeholders.

8. How interested would you be in hosting such an expert?

If you are interested, what would be your key motivations for hosting such an Expert Mission?

ManagEnergy Website

The new ManagEnergy Website will offer visibility for local and regional energy agencies, networking opportunities and up-to-date information on energy efficiency funding and financing (with a focus on the EU instruments).

9. How interesting are these benefits for your agency?

Any other information or service you feel could be provided by the new ManagEnergy website?

Please provide your name (all answers will be treated confidentially) and details:

On behalf of the European Commission, the EASME and the ManagEnergy team, we thank you very much for your time and contribution! We look forward to working with you and, together, making energy agencies leaders in the energy transition!