Berlin Energy Agency (BEA)

The Berlin Energy Agency (BEA) is a modern energy service company, which develops and implements innovative projects in line with their clients’ requirements that reduce both energy costs and CO2 emissions. While based in Berlin, the BEA operates on a regional, national and international scale. In this regard, the main focus of its work is on buildings – whether new or old – and their uses. The BEA recommends the rational usage of energy in order to gain reductions in the volumes required. By expanding the use of combined heat and power (CHP) systems, the focus is on highly efficient energy generation. The BEA provides its customers with advice on modern energy management systems and monitors their development and implementation. Through its information and motivation campaigns, as well as its specialist events and networking activities, the BEA together with its clients promote more efficient usage of energy resources, the implementation of renewable energies, as well as procurement, production and management processes in line with future demands.